Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout can be notoriously difficult to clean, right? No matter how much you scrub or how much of that powerful household cleaner you use, it’s extremely difficult to eliminate all of the built up dirt, grease and grime that quickly collects and hardens within tile pours and grout lines over time. With some help from DHM, you won’t have to struggle with manual cleaning for long.

The team at DHM does the opposite of manual cleaning; we utilize the industry’s most powerful equipment to completely blast away grease, dirt, bacteria and all kinds of grime that builds up within grout lines. This truck-mounted machinery combines a high pressure rinse with a specialized heated solution to take your tile and grout to a new level of clean.

If you’re tired of cleaning tile grout on your hands and knees the manual way, let DMH team of professional grout cleaners do the hard work for you.
Our heavy-duty, powerful grout cleaning machine will blast away tough-to-handle mildew, bacteria and mold that builds up in tile pores and grout lines.
In bathrooms, kitchens or outdoor patios, our professional team will deep clean tile and grout until it’s stain-free and sparkling.Instead of replacing tile and grout when damaged or covered with built-up dirt and grime, why not invest in regular professional cleanings once every 12 months?Should you be up for changing the look of your home’s tile and grout, ask our DMH technicians about the benefits of using Color Seal, in addition to deep cleaning.

If you are located within our Raleigh-Durham Service Area, you qualify for a free estimate from DHM Grout & Tile – Professional Cleaning. Simply click the request estimate link and complete the form, or call  9197727203

Residential Grout & Tile Cleaning

Services Residential Grout Cleaning Keep your home looking beautiful with our residential cleaning services. Kitchens, counter tops, bathrooms and floors can be restored to a like new condition. Our industry-leading cleaning procedure is rivaled by none. Homeowners will be amazed with our results. Blocked In With a picture

Commercial Grout & Tile Cleaning Services Tile Steam Cleaning

Maintain your premises by DHM to restore and maintain all of your tiled surfaces. Insure the longevity of your tiled surfaces and maintain a professional image by keeping your tiled surfaces bright and clean.

Ceramic Tile is a durable and easily maintained tile option, and it almost always is sealed in the manufacturing process. Ceramic tile does not need to be sealed. The grout lines in between the tiles are always porous and it is recommended that they be sealed to prevent stains and damage from exposure to elements. Grout lines in showers and bathrooms must be sealed to prevent moisture from penetrating beneath the surface of the tile. Grout should only be sealed after it is thoroughly cleaned for best results. After grout is sealed, it can be walked on after a couple of hours.