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Simple COVID-19 Safety Tips to Follow in the Office

simple-covid-19-safety-tips-to-follow-in-the-officeCOVID-19 is still prevalent all over the world. Despite the emergence of vaccines that helped immunize us, we can still never be too careful. As a provider of cleaning services in North Carolina, we would like to inform you that following safety procedures is still important to further minimize the risk of the virus.

As your trusted commercial cleaning partner, D&H Maintenance, Inc. would like to share some safety tips that still need to be put in place in the office.

  • Wear face masks at all times
    Face masks are still an essential part of our daily lives. These masks help us prevent the spread of COVID-19 by putting a barrier that catches the germs that come from coughing, sneezing, and even talking.
  • Social distancing should still be put in place
    Make the most of your office space with the help of our commercial cleaning services in Raleigh, North Carolina. We can help you re-arrange your office and turn it into a safe spot where your employees can work in peace while keeping their distance.
  • Place sanitation outlets at every entryway
    Automatic alcohol and sanitizer dispensers should be placed next to doors and bathrooms. This will remind employees to keep their hands clean.
  • Check body temperatures
    Stay vigilant and have your employees check their temperature before clocking in.
  • Recognize personal risk factors
    The CDC recommends letting employees, including older adults and those with underlying conditions, stay at home and work there. Employers should make the necessary exemptions and recognize their employees’ health needs.

If you are looking for reliable janitorial services in North Carolina to help maintain the order and safety of your team, we are the agency to call. Contact us at 919-772-7203.

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